What about the Digital change in Sweden

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What about the Digital change in Sweden? As we know Swedes are open to technology and the government wants Sweden to be at the top in terms of digital skills at schools. In the World around 40% of the population is online. In Sweden 93% of the population is online.  

No matter what you might think about Swedes but one thing is for sure, the numbers speak for them self. There has been a research going on since 2015 about investigating in how to continue maintaining libraries when hardly no one any longer asks for books. The result of this effort was shown autumn 2017 and is called The Fifth State Power, press here.

The investigation was done by National Library of Sweden and one reason to the Digital Change in Sweden can be the reply from all staff members working in the 400 libraries around the country. The three most common questions from the customer are; Where is the toilet? The second; Have you got a writer? The third; Can you help me with my tablets?

In interesting comments from the 500-page result could be that precisely librarians tend to be people not very willing to change. Another interesting thing is due to the title of the book. Even though people no longer seem to read books it seems more important than ever to keep the libraries alive since it has been clear that internet world has little interest in history and it is so easy to mislead the public if it isn´t based on knowledge and the common sense of mankind.

Another area in relation to libraries is the Swedish style of paying the authors of Ebook, which is very different to the international market. When an Ebook is sold in Sweden the writer get paid 20 kr (around 2 euros) each time a book gets borrowed. International companies normally have a maximum time that the book can be borrowed for example 10 and when this amount is finished there are no more books. Amazone is still not in Sweden, and the Swedes do their best to avoid thinking of the matter which is quite Swedish./ Bbeabridge.one/net 

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