Is it true that your boss can make you sick?

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Yes, probably!

And it is more than your boss. It can be anyone who fills you with negativity

For example, why do we have a physical response when a person is mean to us? Why do we have a feeling like we were punished in the gut when people we depend on ignores us?

Why do we feel good and energized when a boss, or a colleague says good job, or just says I appreciate you?

How can it be that people actually say they are feeling sick watching debates between Trump and Clinton?

Can this be due to a sort of placebo? 

Placeboeffects are presumed to be psychogenic, rather than being biological. These reactions might result from your own expectation of how you should be affected.

Can these expectations and affects play out in our interactions with each other? We are all connected somehow. We often hear that someone had a bad experience, witch made them feel sick.

In life, how you feel, and how people around you make you feel matters?

People who puts you down, can make your stomach churn, or he/she can drive you to tears or to anger. That person can zap the life out of you.

So, we must all be conscious of how we treat and interact with each other. And, if someone in your surroundings make you sick, leave as soon as you can.

And leave with kindness, no matter how hard that might be.

It is your responsibility to make the best of every day and every situation


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