(HARD LESSONS) Sometime's You Have to Make a Mess To Have a Great Business and a Happy Life

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 Ever tried to do something so, "out of your remit", so to speak, that you felt like a toddler learning to walk for the first time?

 Well, if you have I'm sure you'll know from experience that shit often doesn't go anything like what you'd envisioned in your head.

 Take my absolute failure as an example.

 Over the last 6 weeks I'd been suffering from being in quite a depressive state. I won't coin myself as having been depressed, because it just wouldn't be true. There's people out there far worse off than me.

 Nevertheless, I was in quite a dark place for a period of time, of which this past week I've managed to pull myself out of it.

 It hit me for a number of reasons:

 Time of year. Eating and drinking too much crap over Christmas. Not exercising.

 As an aside: I've always been very fit, being a personal trainer for some time, but with that all finished now I fall of the wagon just like everyone else does from time to time.

 Anyway, moving on.

 So, what did I do to pull myself out of this pit of self pity and depression.

 I decided to try my hand at something completely different, something I'd never tried before and had ZERO experience in.


 Now if you get the chance to meet me at a live event one day, you'll quickly realize I'm just not the type to paint or do anything creative in that manner.

 I'm a logical guy, not a creative one.

 Nonetheless, I gave it a go.

 I whacked on a Bob Ross video on Youtube, and off I went.

 I caressed, I stroked, I dabbed... the canvass I mean... (oh err)

 And eventually I was left with something that a kindergarten child would be proud to have stuck up on the fridge.

 It was pretty poor to say the least. But it did help me switch off for a while and just try something different.

 I'm a perfectionist at heart, so of course I wasn't happy with the mess I'd created, but as with anything new and unknown, you have to fuck up and make a mess before you make progress.

 A great analogy I like to use is that of driving a car.

 So when we first start driving we're at a stage of conscious incompetence, as apposed to being unconsciously incompetent, ya know, when you're a kid in the car with your Mum. You don't even know you'd be shit at driving, whereas CONSCIOUS incompetence, you already know you're crap.

 Eventually, after kangaroo jumping your way down the road a hundred time's, and getting so angry at the gear and clutch stuff you end up pulling the damn gear stick out of the car, you finally begin to enter the next stage - conscious competence.

 You now know how to oeprate a car safely on the road, but it take's every ounce of your effort, blood, sweat, and tears to do so.

 After a couple of years driving, you can now operate the car safely, hold a conversation, and eat a giant meatball sub at the same time - you've reached unconscious competence (not like I've EVER done that... ;)

The point here is, I, and every other person when they learn to drive fuck's up more times than is possible to count.

Admittedly, it's not something that'll help ANYONE switch off and chill out, but it proves my point that you have to get messy before you become proficient at something.

 The same goes for venturing from the PERCEIVED comfort of a job, and deciding to take control of your own income and financial peace of mind.

 It can be messy and painful at first, and certainly you're beginning from a point of conscious incompetence, but ultimately if you don't ever wanna worry about redundancy ever again, see your loved one's more than just an hour a night, and be micromanaged by the world's most irritating boss, you've gotta go through it.

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