Like Getting Beaten By a Large Stick Smeared in Faeces

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So sometimes there are occasions in life where you're bent over, and beaten with the shitty end of a rather large stick.
In my case, that occasion was today, oh joy of joy's.
Today I found out the building that my health and wellness clinic has been operating from, is very soon going to become a pile of rubble.
My landlord has rather suddenly, and out of the blue decided he's going to sell up. The thing is I know for a fact he's selling to another developer friend of his, so no doubt they'll put some flats up in short order.
Now to a lot of businesses and the people running them, this would be a huge disaster.
But for me, it's more of a ball-ache than anything else.
It means that I have to step out of the shadows once more to get involved in the day to day running of the clinic, and start looking for another location, but it's not an absolute disaster like it is for some service based businesses.
So many businesses I know rely heavily on placement, and think there's no way they can operate a business successfully if they're not in a prime location.
Well, they'd be right. But ONLY because they haven't laid the groundwork for their business to thrive in any climate and any location.
The groundwork being... a responsive audience.
In my case this is in the form of an email list, many of whom are now engaged in my social circles too. So rather than just getting emails, they're getting updates on social media, text messages, and sometimes even follow up phone calls, depending on which stage of the buying cycle they're at.
The point is this, I've had the rug pulled out from under me, but it makes no one spit of difference to me and how profitable my business is.
I actually know a physiotherapist who was in the same situation about 12 months ago.
He was given notice for him to leave and guess what, he was fucked.
He didn't have a database of leads and customers, and although his brand was somewhat strong, he had no way of continuously marketing without spending more on advertising.
Me however, well, I'm sitting pretty.
Not because I'm special in any way, but because I took the time to capture leads for my business, and nurture them properly. In fact this is what an online business is built on!
A subscriber list!
So no matter what happens to my business, I'll always bounce back and make a fuckton more money, as long as I look after my audience, both in free value and service.
And running a business in this way, particularly an online business, you're effectively future proofing your income. So when shit does inevitably hit the fan, you have a way to get back on the dusty trail.
You can't say that about most traditional businesses, who're crap at lead capture.
You can't say that about a working a job, because if your boss wants you gone, or the company you work for are having a redundancy orgy, you're equally fucked.
True peace of mind and freedom (both of the movement and financial kind), are obtained through providing value to a targeted audience, and building a solid list.
Wanna know exactly HOW you do that?
Like, the true in's and out's of growing an audience of your own that you can market your own or others products and services to?
Jump on this Free on-demand workshop, and my mentor Stuart will share the step by step process.
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Talk soon,
P.S - The teaching content comes from Stu, but I'm right here with you every step of the way.
Think of me like your Sherpa, in a digital landscape that could eat you (and your bank account) alive if you go at it by yourself.
I'm here to guide you, advise you, and help you realise your dream of quitting your job, taking matters into your own hand's, and never losing another wink of sleep over whether redundancy is just around the corner. 
But that'll only happen if you take that all important first step.
The choice is yours.
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