Technology Babies

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"Technology babies" - is how Jordan, 18 describes her generation.  

Chatting with daughter Jordan one day I asked if she’d be the face of my first campaign? She immediately declined. I’m guessing her reaction came off the back of the attention my new Facebook page attracted after posting my first blog. Jords and her sisters shared and liked the new page and of course, our family and friends followed suit because we all know the power of Social Media.

Jordan isn’t a shy person but like her mum she doesn’t particularly like to be the centre of attention.   But after explaining the campaign idea a little more she warmed up to it - but didn’t give me an answer.


Anyway, I also asked Jords if it was difficult for teenagers to keep up with the evolution of technology?

“It’s pretty easy to keep up with the changes, we’re technology babies mum” Jords proclaimed. How right she is!

I have a photo of twins Bree and Jackson, 5 Skyping their father when they were just babies sitting in their high chairs! They always looked forward to seeing Dad’s face when he worked away from home. We only had landline phones in my day. But Nowadays with all the different ways to communicate and connect it’s even easier to stay in touch, and Free! Facetime, Snapchat, Hangouts, Zoom. And these are only the ones I know about!


Technology babies don’t realise how smart they are when applying to all the changes, like it’s natural. If they don’t know something they research using another powerful tool – Google. I don’t know how many times I’m with family or friends or colleagues and I hear “Wait, I’ll Google it” or “Mum, just Google it!”                                                                          

The younger generation seem to apply themselves to short term learning - so they can learn how to upgrade, upload or to use a new app. Most don’t forward think that their online skills could develop their future.

YouTube is another powerful learning platform - there are video tutorials for almost anything. If we need to know something we ‘Google it’ to see if any YouTube videos pop up for that topic. YouTube even has a Kids channel which is brilliant because parents can filter what their children connect to.


There’s an abundance of knowledge shared by everyday people all over the world using these platforms of communication! And millions of people connect to at least one of them every single day. We have witnessed how quickly one message can get around the world at the click of a button. Imagine if your message connected with all these people around the world.

It happens. If we get the message right.

This message is about education and how to keep up with the evolution of technology. Because whether we like it or not the world is changing with it. I love learning with my technology babies. I love understanding these changes and I love a challenge – because this is by far the best one yet!

I love exploring possibilities and imagining what changes I can make in the world. We become what we think about, all day long.

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