How Your Attitude Can Make The Difference?

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When was in the military, people used to ask me: "Pedro, why are you so calm? It seems like you just don`t care." Today I think about that statement as a definition of what I was becoming, as a result of my attitude. You see, the way you approach a situation defines who you are, that`s why when I meet someone for the first time and they tell me, for instance, a situation which they have been through, I immediately recognize what type of mindset they have.


Your attitude towards life does make the difference, but it is not everything. It may originate from your personality, your surroundings, how people talk to you, the way you see yourself, your convictions and your choices.
Obviously, your attitude can`t change facts or replace your experiences, but it can affect the way you approach life and face your challenges.

Most of the people nowadays are just so full of negativism, projected through society habits, leading them to this "against the world" mindset that instead of them assuming responsibilities, they blame other people or assume external factors as the root of the problems.
Now it would be great if those people could reverse their thinking by stopping for a while and meditate on their attitude towards external factors and themselves.


In my perspective the best way to approach a bad attitude is to establish daily habits that will change your mindset, leading you to a positive thinking state, and consequently to a better quality of life. It requires discipline and commitment to change a negative attitude, which could be, for example, a way a person reacts to losing their job. You can see it as a disaster as a form of a negative attitude or you can visualize an opportunity as the form of the kind of attitude that will make you succeed in everything you do, positive attitude.

A positive attitude can make wonders for you, as it did for me throughout my life, and it still does since it could make you overcome obstacles that seem impossible to go through. Learn how to see the benefit out of every negative happening, because then your mind will be protected and you will feel the calm, the energy and have a better understanding of how to manage those setbacks.


Your attitude can definitely make the difference as if tied in together with your mind. Remember that your mind controls your life, so be sure to sharpen it with positive thoughts and valuable information in order for it to perform at the highest level.

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