The Wealthy Don't Work For Money!

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The majority of society has negative feelings towards wealthy people but most of the times it is not recognized that the 1% is actually the portion that makes the economy flow. It`s important to clarify the wealthy mindset and explain why they don`t work for money. I will give you some topics for you to easily understand what goes on in the mind of a wealthy person.

"The rich don't work for money - the rich invent money." - Robert Kiyosaki

Rich people simply don`t work for money, they are based on results, progression, they work for assets, not a paycheck. 

They understand the importance of making money work for them and creating multiple flows of income.

The rich person knows the difference between good and bad debt.

For the wealthy person, the schools don`t teach you nothing about money, that explains why 80% of the world`s billionaires don`t have a college degree.

Rich people don`t see home ownership as an investment, instead, they consider it a trap.


The rich never stops learning and understands the importance of having a high financial IQ, going back to college is not the solution, as stated in Robert Kiyosaki book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad". 

Wealthy people know how crucial it is to learn before investing.

The fact is that nobody is gonna become wealthy trading time for money, most certainly people run out of time before they have any chance of making some serious cash. There is still this idea that you need to work harder to make more money, but as Robert Kiyosaki says, the harder you work, the poorer you get. It makes sense if you think about it, everytime someone gets a pay raise, they blow it all buying things they probably don`t even need, only with the purpose of showing off to others.

"You can only choose between rich and poor. The middle class is gone." - Robert Kiyosaki

Another concept preached by so many families is that saving for the long term is the best act you can take when it comes to money. This is complete garbage, the only thing that you will get 30 years from now when you decide to collect your savings from the bank is a depreciation of the amount that you initially deposited.

This is a phenomenon commonly seen in the middle class, where saving to save and living out of government help is the adopted theory.

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The solutions for getting out of the poor and middle-class trap are to become an entrepreneur, an investor or by developing your high income skills first.

Starting a business is a good idea for people who want the freedom of writing their own paycheck, being able to travel when they want, having more time to take care of their children or just to have a higher income but it can be challenging if you have no skills to start with.

Getting yourself into investing territory before knowing anything about it could be a bust, that`s why learning about the subject and developing your high income skills is recommendable.  

Why should you consider becoming rich? 

"The more a person seeks security, the more that person gives up control over their life." - Robert Kiyosaki

Considering the rich people principle, the most important thing is not the money, but the ability to have choices which means freedom. Being able to live a life where you dictate your own rules, where you only answer to yourself, write your own paycheck and control the time you spend with your loved ones, is priceless.

Assume control of your life, don`t pursue a paycheck, go after the freedom you deserve.

Much success,


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