Pedro Campos

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My name is Pedro Campos.

I was born in a small town in Portugal, in 1994, when my parents had a local business.

Growing up, I could consider myself as a skinny little kid, who just wanted to play soccer and video games.

My life turned 180º when I joined the military in 2014 because it was there that I found out who was the real Pedro.

I decided to leave the military when I was 22 years old, once I discovered that their message wasn't matching my mission for life.

In a personal growth perspective, I decided to get an economics degree to gain the knowledge to start my own business, which was something I`ve always wanted... but soon realize that college was preparing myself for a life I didn't want live, so I dropped out.

I joined a real estate company, but again I realized that there was an empty space in me that needed to be filled, so I decided to say goodbye to my boss and follow my dreams.

Nowadays, I feel blessed to be able to live on my own terms and help others do the same.

Most of all, I chase freedom with passion, I feel that it`s important to have choices and to live the way we want.