Live to Your Potential Now!

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If we think about the percentage of the world`s population who is actually engaged in their work, only 13%, it is easy to understand that all of those people truly never raise to their full potential. The world we live in could benefit so much if part of the unsatisfied workers could turn their lives around by waking up and realizing that they can do better than that.

undefinedAt least that was my thinking when I started my first job, which I hated, after 4 long months, thoughts of unsatisfaction were going through my mind, I felt like I was worth more than that job, reaching a point where I found the courage to say to my boss: "I`m going to the military, I want better opportunities!"
He told me something I would never forget:
"Well, I always look up to people who are trying to better their lives... good luck!"

I knew I was unsatisfied, like a hungry lion in the jungle... and then the reality check came in. At the first attempt, applying to the military, some doctor told me I had too much acne to be a soldier, I was shocked... but didn`t give up, 6 months later tried again and this time the doctor didn`t even want to see me, I joined the army and went straight to the boot camp. I was there for 2 years and what a transformational journey that was, until I left and decided again, that I could do better, by doing something else and living to my true potential.

Going to college was the solution for me at that time, I was happy trying to convince myself that a good education could solve all my unsatisfaction... I was wrong, at that time I was trying to reconcile a real estate job with the classes at night, I knew it would be difficult and it was, working 60 hours a week, barely having time to study, let alone going out and not getting the results I wanted.
I then realized that something was missing, something stopping me to live to my potential, I didn't enjoy cold calling and chasing people and I was chasing a career I didn't like in college.


I felt lost, not knowing what to do, until a massive breakthrough happened... after dropping out of college and resigning from the real estate job, I found an opportunity to do what was always keep coming back to my mind... a business of my own.
I found the reason why I was never satisfied with what I was doing, I now have the change to control my own schedule, have control of my goals and finally, the chance to unleash my potential.

Don`t let your conditions define the outcome that allows you to live to your true potential... you`re greater than you think you are.

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