Why money is not what you really want ?

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Let me ask you a question?

What is actually missing for you to be really happy?

Please be true to yourself. If no one could ever know the answer to that question, what will be yours?

Do you know? 

If you are like me, you've always thought you needed money, lots of it, to be happy. To be honest, I still do to some extent...

Now, I am going to ask you something more.

Try to visualize what you think you need to be happy and write down a list using words or verbs of action.

Look, I'll do it with you. Here is mine:

  • To not worry about the bills,
  • to be debt free,
  • To own my house (a big garden with vegetable and fruit trees, rooms for my sewing, dancing and singing projects, may be a swimming pool...)
  • To overcome my fear of water and learn how to swim
  • To get rid of 2 to 3 dress sizes
  • To attend Zumba and salsa classes more often, 
  • To travel whenever I want, where I went,
  • To help my love ones,
  • To sleep as long as Iong as I want in the morning....

You did it! Awesome:) Now underline the words/verbs that are meaningful to you.

Do you notice anything particular? We started with the idea that we think me needed money to be happy, remember?

At any time on your list, did you mention the word MONEY?

No? I didn't either.

See, there it is. What you REALLY want is what is on your list, not money. By underlining the key verbs in your list, you will outline what you are really after, detached from any material considerations.

For me that says I want to be free, to own, to learn, to overcome (my fears), live on my own terms and get rid of what's holding me back. 

What are your conclusions?

That's a shocker, right? At least, it was to me. 

Now, I can already hear you saying: " Ok genius! but I need money to GET most of what is on my list"

I hear you loud and clear. But, let me tell you a story. 

Weeks ago, at my training, I was casually chatting with a colleague, J, about various topics. We came to talk about money. 

J is 40 and a former sales manager who is terrified by unemployment, as he has never experienced a single day without a job. Our training ends October the 31st and he is worried about money. He refuses to live in scarcity.

I told him I agreed with him but to me, money wasn't what I was really after. He was surprised, to say the least. Actually, I can still hear the sound of his jaw dropping on the floor:)

To what I reply that, yes I wanted money but only because that's the way our society goes. Should they replace money by let's say, carrots:), I'll be going after those like crazy to get what I really want. Money is just a mean, a facilitator.

Now, why do I tell you this?

Simple! I found that when trying to figure out your dream goals, don't be fooled by the ones that can be interchangeable with anything else.

Those are not your true goals. If your goals cannot be replaced by anything, you'll probably fight for them until you are the last man/woman standing.

If they can be replaced, you would probably give up on them when times get tougher.

So, what would you fight for no matter what? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Till next time, take care:)