What is the Big Deal in Setting Long Term Goals

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Hi Friends!

Today i would like to speak to you about setting long term goals.

So whatever i write about i describe as from my own personal experiences, i would like to humbly and modestly mention that i have i re-invented myself from losing major weight to being successful in my own journey, among the other achievements in my life.

Short - term goals are as critical as long term goals. I somehow feel that we as human beings sometimes naturally forget about the long-term goals. So let's keep using our calendar to accomplishing the short term tasks and goals, however what if we forget about our long-term goals?

Not remembering the long term goals in our lives, is like forgetting why we are doing things in our lives! Yes, there must always be an end goal, a final destination if you wish that needs to be accomplished.

Only focussing on short term goals is alternatively like not looking at the bigger picture!

So here are my 4 criteria to remember regarding your long term goals:

1. Always focus on your health first. Without good health you cannot achieve anything in life, not even have fun. This in my opinion is the most critical element in our lives. Eat healthy food, exercise, breathe, meditate, do whatever you have to, to maintain your health people, this is your most valuable asset.

2. Always look at improving your skill. Without self-development there will be no improvement. The world is ever changing, and skills are always needed in a demanding world. Read constructive material or books, listen to experts, get a mentor. In this modern day of age, there are many resources to assist in doing this task, only for your own self-improvement!

3. Set Projects and Time-Lines. When i wanted to lose 105kg to achieve my BMI (Body Mass Index) weight of 70kg, i set a timeline to achieve this. It was difficult but rewarding in the end, and somewhat revelating to be honest. Set your projects and put a time to this. This will help you to challenge yourself in the end. (We choose the hard way - it's the only way!)

4. Have Fun! In whatever you do, especially in aiming at long term goals, remember to enjoy the ride. The journey is always more important than the destination. Doing what you do is an everyday function, so this means that your projects are an integral part of your life. Why not have fun in doing it? It is always equally important to follow your passions in life, in this way, you will enjoy your projects, work then becomes a hobby!

To your well being!

Nirdosh Maharaj

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