The tone of you Vibration


The tone of your vibration

Haven’t you noticed, that, the worst it gets, the worst it gets, `till you come to your senses?
And on the other hand, the better it gets the better it gets until you fall back into your old habits

Haven’t you noticed that you can get on a run, where you are feeling really good and things just get better and better and better?
And then, suddenly, some old person shows up in your life, or something happens, or you get re-focused or you watch CNN or you go to the movie on "global warming" 😂.
And you have some sort of "resistance relapse".

We want you to feel to the power of your life experience. And the reason why we are taking such a dynamic, dramatic approach to it, is because you have had such publicity about something that is causing so many of you to think in a negative way.

About something that matters to you so intensely.
And we’ve been saying to you for a while that this is the time of awakening. And what the time of awakening means is:

* It’s a time of greater contrast, which means
* it’s a time of launching more rockets, which means
* it’s a time of more answering, which means
* it’s a time of more energy flowing, which means

--> it’s a time when you line up with the energy that is creating "worlds" and the energy that is a vibrational match to who you are,
You THRIVE in enormous ways. And if you don’t line up, you don’t thrive in big ways.

That’s why the Rich are richer and the Poor are poorer, and the Well are (weller) better and the sick are sicker.
And the middle ground is not as obvious as it once was.

Because the energy that creates worlds is moving faster than it ever has before. Which means it behooves you to find ways to move in the direction of the energy.

You don’t have to keep up with the energy that creates worlds, but you better move in the direction of that energy- otherwise, it’s really hard on you.

It is like as if you driving down the road and you collide with an automobile that is moving in the same way that you are. That is not as devastating as if you collide with an automobile that’s coming from the other direction.

If you get moving in the direction of the energy, you have a much comfortable ride than when you’re bucking the current.
When you move against the current, the current of things that you’ve been asking for summoning and has been coming for all of this time: it doesn’t work out very well for you.

And the first signal that you are doing that, is an emotion. The negative emotion(s) that you feel.

The briefest way to explain it is, that you are Source Energy. You come forth into a physical body and life causes you to ask for more.
That asking is then answered by Source Energy. Because Source Energy gives its undivided attention to what you are asking for.

And as the Law of Attraction is responding to this commination of "all that you are", it creates a very powerful calling or source.

Do you acknowledge, that the law of attraction is a factor in your life experience?
Have you shown to yourself, if you hold something as your object of attention, sooner or later, and usually sooner, it shows up in your experience?

Do you acknowledge, as you have been in this physical body, you have been thinking a lot of thoughts, that now make up the bases of your point of attraction?

Do you acknowledge that you thought thoughts before, that you are not thinking NOW. And since you are not thinking them NOW, they are not part of your bases of attraction.
Do you understand that it is only that tough that is actively being thought that is your bases of attraction?

We would like you to understand that the thoughts that you thought before are not affecting you UNLESS you are still thinking them.
People worry about unconscious thoughts or subconscious thoughts.

And we want to say to you, if it is so unconscious or subconscious, that you are not having an EMOTION around it, then it is not big enough that it has any pulling power.

So now, you do acknowledge that your thoughts DO create your reality. At this point, we would like you to consider another factor, relative to the Law of Attraction.


It is going to serve you enormously, and so we would like to ask you to really wrap your thoughts around this one.
Because this piece of information is going to show you, maybe for the first time, why your guidance system works in the way it does.

Do you acknowledge that you existed as Source Energy before you came into this physical body?
And do you accept that the non-physical part of you REMAINS in non-physical?
And would you like to join us in acknowledging that, that is an ETERNAL being there?

That internal being, you can call it
* God
* Source Energy
* All that is

The name that you prefer to give it, doesn’t matter very much, but is
- An Eternal Consciousness that is expanding

Do you understand that the Law of Attraction responds to THAT pure positive Energy, in the SAME WAY, that it responds to what’s going on here where you are?

And does it make sense to you, that the "pure positive Energy" in non-physical must have been around way longer THAN you have been around here?😉

So this swirling energy of Well-Being has gleamed its existence through the contrast and is ALWAYS moving towards what is wanted, the most expanded further in most parts and the universe.

Can you feel the HUGE WELL-BEING of this non-physical energy?
And can you also see the comparison of the way the Law of Attraction’s response to IT must be in relationship to the Law of Attraction’s response to YOU?

Do you now understand why the call of Source is what it is?

To be continued…….

Read in the next article about the "Call of Source"

Hope you found pleasure in reading this article. Have a wonderful day and please feel free to visit my website any time you like.

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