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The future of work facinates me. We are already working differently. So how is it going to affect you as work changes over time again and again?

I was reading a Forbes blog and it was saying we will be affected on a Personal Level, Organisational Level and Social Level as the changing nature of work unfolds. The essence of what the Forbes article says is that jobs as we know it are changing:

  • We change jobs more often. Baby Boomers are reported as changing jobs 11.7 times in their working lives. Millenials will change every 2 years. 
  • People are being hired as casuals, contractors or short term contact more. 
  • Automation is increasing. Have you heard about driverless cars? There is talk of driverless trucks. What will happen to those who drive for a living?
  • The structure of orgnaisations is flattening. Organisations want more dynamic, short term labour who can do a job and move on. No need for heirachy. Hire who you need and do the job. Move on to the next job. 
  • Our attention span is shortening. Social media is dominating our lives and making us less productive because it is distracting us. 

How will these changes affect you? How will it affect the workforce?

Quite simply you need to start thinking about the transferrable skills you have from one organisation to an other and job to another. What do you do that could be out sourced by a business? Do you need to get more qualifications, see a career advisor, life coach, or recruitment agency to help you nut out what you are actually good at. You may need to learn a different way of presenting yourself and talking about what you do or are good at. 

Then, how are you going to live with this uncertain income due to the fact you will be working from one project to another? Do you need to seek advice on this? Budget advice, savings advice etc

How will you cope with uncertainty full stop?

Maybe this work will appeal to you. Maybe you like having the flexiblitity around your work/home life.

What can you do if you are afraid or dont want to be at the mercy of a changing workforce as you know it?

You could start an online business and work for yourself. 

You could upskills, change jobs, or broaden your existing skills.

You could learn to market yourself differently. What do you love doing? Do lots of that and see who wants it. Learn to market yourself. 

Change your mindset and move with the times. 

You could bury your head in the sand but it wont pay the bills or give you job satisfaction. 

There are lots of people out there changing, learning and talking about how to get through this. Some of you will find this a breeze but others wont. In fact you might find it exhausing thinking about changing. I suggest you follow us on Instagram or Facebook and get your daily dose of inspiration to change your mindset. We offer you free daily inspirational quotes. Follow us, work with us, learn from us free. 

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