Impact of Digital Disruption

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In an early article and explained about the impact of digital disruption. As explained in that article in New Zealand we are into year 5 of digital disruption of the accounting industry. It is here and now and you either adapt and do something about it or get left behind. In order to keep up this frenetic pace of change in this industry, we have moved to digital based business, one that delivers services across the internet and can advise clients to do the same. Pivotal to that change is delivery and packaging on products and services that meet that challenge! In New Zealand and Australia. I am lucky that cloud-based systems such MYOB and Zoom. Marketing decisions,these days, are based on analytics, and we shy away from traditional methods such as Newspapers and Radio advertising. Why because we are able to laser our market (the persona/avatar) and give the client content and value to their business! Digital disruption is creating opportunities to educate and inform. We want everyone to be able to experience these opportunities! You can sign up here to start your digital journey

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