Positively Negative

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Quantum of Solace ( A moment of peace) Part 1


Ever stopped to notice your thinking?

Yes, your thinking or rather what you think during a normal day. Then ask yourself how many of these thoughts are of a positive nature? We hear all the time that we should be positive, but;

 Why and What does it matter if we're not?

Do you even know what constitutes a positive thought. Well let's define that first. A positive thought should be uplifting and promote a good attitude, such as:

"When you baked that cake, you did really well" or "You said you were going to lose weight and you did". Both of these thoughts makes you feel great and promotes a better attitude.

Let's also define "Attitude". As: The way we deal with others and have hopes for the future. If you are having good hopes for the future, then you feel uplifted, but if the doctors have told you that you are sick and have only 3 month  to live, you could be forgiven to have a less than perfect attitude.

The finally let define a "Bad" attitude as: A statement or a thought that makes you feel less about ( de-value) yourself and depress your feelings in general.

So we now understand that "What we think" makes a difference in how we feel and possible how we react or interact with the world around us, agreed? But it goes much deeper than that, it literally determines who we are  and what we do. Even who we associate with, because positive people don't associate with negative people for long.  Why because they can't afford to.

So attitude is tied in with money? Yes and in a big way. Would you agree that a person with a bad attitude and negative thinking pattern, could be less successful than a person who thinks positively and has a great attitude?

Have you ever looked around amongst your family or friends. You know, you can determine what type of person you are, based on the company you keep. Actually if you want to know what you are thinking,  just look around you as your surroundings is the result of your current thinking pattern. Successful people don't hang around with negative people!

Does this make sense? If you're really negative your friends will not be super positives, will they? Why, because your positive friend? would be sick of listening to your bad attitude and leave you for better company. So if you are always alone and no one seem to care about you, that could be why.

If you have a sickness and you're always telling people about it, it’s a way of saying; "please go away" (to them). No one will spend their time with you because they always come away feeling bad about themselves. That’s why the happy, funny and caring person always is welcomed and loved no matter where they go.



It's said that a good attitude is everything, it ranks higher than say; intelligence, learned skills and the ability to do something, because without a good attitude the ability to get along with other people is minimal and so it doesn't really matter how good you are and how much you know.

This is something we must understand as important. No Man or Woman is an island! The need for human interaction is built in from birth! Did you know that a baby who does not receive loving physical contact at birth, may die. The hugging and the stroking of its skin sends strong signals to the brain that its wanted and loved, the opposite kills it?

Which is why I don't believe in a touchless society. Many teachers get blamed for touching or hugging their students (of all ages) and told not to do that, because it makes someone uncomfortable. In my opinion that is pure rubbish and a destructive method of bringing up our children and young adults. Children and young adults are natural huggers and are in desperate need of recognition and acceptance.

I do however recognize the reason that many schools and public institutions discourage the practice of touching and hugging. Litigation is a disease that has spread worldwide and personal contact is used as a means of getting money from the institutions. Sadly not receiving the needed contact promotes segregation of the people, with insecurity and loneliness as a result.

Ok there are some bad people out there, but they remain, no matter what we do and all the warnings about "Bad" people doesn't help any. In fact, inline with the Universal law of reprocity that says: "What we think about most, we attract into our lives".

If you succesfully scare your child into avoiding strangers, aren't you just promoting that child to focus on what they don't want and thereby attract the bad people to themselves? Furthermore, "Can you point out a "Bad" person in any crowd?"

98% of the statistic point towards relatives and people known to the victims and not strangers being the perpetrators (Bad people).

The need for the human touch is imminent to us all, and logic tells us that its ok "to do" and the ones who feels "Uncomfortable" probably needs it more than anyone.   To bring up children who are afraid of other people, is a really bad practice and destructive for their self-esteem (The way they feel about themselves), and could affect them severely in the future interacting with other people.

This I believe is why we grow up feeling inferior and scared. When we as parents insist on scaring out children into conformity, we need to think about, the damage we are causing our children.

For ourselves we need to spend some time analyzing our own beliefs and keep an eye on what we do think about all day long. Does it need a little tweaking or are you already a positive influence upon your own life. Worth Thinking about, Right?

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